At The Beginning

So, the question that you may be thinking right now is why start a blog on a Trickster Rogue build when there are so many other builds out there?  The answer could be that I find other builds often ignore the main function of a Rogue, which is single target DPS.  It could be that I’m a narcissist and think my build is just the best build ever.  Maybe, I just want to hook a bunch of TR players so, later, I can ask for money so I can finally retire from the strip club.  The fact is, I just enjoy playing the game, and I have found, through trial and error, a build that is highly effective for PVE and I like to share things that work.  The future retirement from the strip club is just a bonus.


So, getting down to business, why a Trickster Rogue?  Well, TRs take a lot of skill to master and, no matter how good, a well geared Great Weapon Fighter will always out DPS a BIS TR.  That’s what we hear all the time, anyway, and I want you to know that that is pure nonsense.  In fact, it really irritates me.  Every class has it’s job in the party.  The TR’s main function is single target DPS.  The GWF’s main job is to exercise the fingers of button mashers.


Just kidding.

GWFs are like a shotgun blast of DPS to everything.  So, when I say TRs can out DPS GWFs, I mean that, sometimes, we won’t out DPS them against large crowds of monsters, but what we lack there, we make up for at the bosses where we (should) do more damage than any other class, and make bosses die.


“I know there’s a peridot in here somewhere…”

To that end, I’m sharing my build here.  I believe that you can always improve on a build and I absolutely don’t know as much as some players out there.  Take this guide as it was intended, as a helpful tool to help refine and improve PVE TRs.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment!  Take a look and I hope it helps!



5 thoughts on “At The Beginning

    1. First : “We also proc Shadows of Demise because smoke bomb doesn’t proc it.” It’s not true, when you use Smoke Bomb and enter into stealth when smoke still ticking Shadow of Demise proc and your Shadowborn feat is waste on this tick.

      Second : I use Wicked Reminder instead ITC (on begining little hard play without this but practice makes perfect ^^) Wicked Reminder is always ready for activate SOD (5sec cd) + using this from stealth do max 3 stack (24% lower dmg resistance so buff your and party members dmg on this mob for around 5 sec) + uses 3 Lostmauth’s set bonus on 1 hit (1 for each stack). With Shadowborn feat Wicked Reminder from stealth hit very hard.
      Sorry for my bad english but it’s not my native language but i have hope i some helped ^^

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      1. Thanks for the feedback! You are correct that SoD can proc with smoke bomb if you use stealth after you pop smoke bomb. However, if you do this you are giving up a lot of damage from smoke bomb. Since the whole purpose of this build is to do max damage in 6 seconds, it’s far better to stealth smoke bomb, then lurkers, then stealth then use an attack that procs SoD. You can do this fast enough to minimize any damage you might lose by not proccing SoD immediately with smoke bomb.
        I have been experimenting with exactly what you are saying by swapping out ITC with WR. I’m trying to see if I can get my stealth back fast enough to hit with all 3 WR, 1 dualist flurry, and stealth + lashing blade, before SoD procs. Thanks for the input!


  1. Quite interesting read ! I also appreciated the humour.

    The build is standard obviously but the explanations make sense, knowing your exact rotation and each thought behind it is really nice. For instance I would have said Shadowborn was more of a PvP feat but you opened my eyes on the possibilités.

    Very deep guide. Reminded me of Rustlord or Lazalia guides.

    What is lacking is a link to your character/ feats in Nw calc or Nw uncensored.

    I could not comment on the build link itself so I posted here ^^ keep up the good work

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    1. Thank you! I’ll get some links up this week along with a primer on potion/food buffs I like to use. I’m also going through the new mount system and trying some things out (mounts are getting expensive!!!). I’d also like to get some videos up, but that is probably a little bit away for now.


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