Feedback Updates

Thanks to everyone who has offered me feedback.  You all are great!!!  I’ve already started tweaking my build and the first changes I am making are to the Stats and Companions.

I originally said to stack strength, then split Dexterity and Charisma.  Thanks to @izwor for making me run the numbers and finding out that, when  you have combat advantage (95% of the time), the damage you lose from moving a point from strength to charisma is miniscule, and with Charisma, you gain a nice deflect bonus.  I still recommend Dexterity for the added Crit which is necessary, but moving 5 points from Strength to Charisma won’t change my damage noticeably, and give me +5% Deflect.  Thanks!

Thanks to @archangelzorak01 for telling me that you run the Wild Hunt Rider all the time instead of the Siege Master.  I am guilty, sometimes, of chasing flat damage bonuses and this was one of those cases.  After dropping the siege master, I did not notice a drop in DPS, but I did notice a significant increase, when the Wild Hunt Rider was procing.  Go Wild Hunt Rider, unless you are doing DF runs.  Then switch it to the Siege Master.

More tweaks will be coming!  I have more to test…  Thanks again for all the feedback!



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