Strength Vs. Charisma

So, there has been some debate about this and I was right initially, but changed it, then after @Mick1p00 put the numbers down, I switched it back.  Here is his post, which I’m not going to try to improve upon.  Thanks again Mick!

About DEX/CHA etc..

The issue with CA, is that it’s added to existing CA and not a multiplicative buff like STR.

(levelbase + weapons_damage) * skill_modifier * power * str_buff * (1 + I[ca]*(ca_stat + ca_base + ca_companions + ca_ability) + I[crit]*crit_severity )

So to put some numbers, lets start with no bonuses, assume 100 base damage (and no skill modifier and power, not relevant for this), and CA:

base is 15%, stat is about 9%, companions 0, ability 0, and no crit.

100 * (1 + 0.15 + 0.09) = 124

Now with cha at 25, we get 15% more CA:

100 * (1 + 0.15 + 0.09 + 0.15) = 139

This is 12% increase in damage over the former.

Lets see STR instead, again 15 points over 10 (25 total):

100 * 1.15 * (1 + 0.15 + 0.09) = 142.6

And we get as expected 15% over no bonus.

The bigger problem starts when we look at it together with crit, at this crit severity and CA added:

So lets assume 150% severity:

100 * (1 + 0.15 + 0.09 + 1.5) = 274

With CHA:

100 * (1 + 0.15 + 0.09 + 0.15 + 1.5) = 289

5.4% damage increase from the 15 cha points.

And instead STR:

100 * 1.15* (1 + 0.15 + 0.09 + 1.5) = 315.1
(Same 15% increase over the without bonus number)

So baring mistakes and etc… STR is always significantly better than CHA.
Even assuming 100% CA uptime.


12 thoughts on “Strength Vs. Charisma

  1. Does this change the build on mmo minds? I definitly have been bringing more deeps, and i seen you had a bunch of points in cha? Should i turn around and refocus it all into str?


    1. Well, I was right initially, and someone talked me into Charisma. You will do about 10% more damage with the points in Strength than Charisma. (I respecced twice before I was able to get the actual numbers on it). That’s why I put the post up in my blog about it. It’s up to you, but you’ll notice an increase with it in strength. Sorry about that!


      1. 10%?!?! Wow. I was doing well more damage with this new spec, with charisma. Topping the charts while running with a consistent group ( gwf sw sw tr(me) and gf). My previous build the gwf always stayed 2 mill ahead. Witch leads me to believ, i am a dummy for ignoring it before! But 10%?! Thats quite a few Mil added! Ima test this myself. Soon. Ill show you how i went with my build, gear blah blah, before and after this weekends repec. We can compare and contrast. Like i said before. 3746463 questions.

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    1. I try to maximize strength over dex over charisma. On my character, I started with 18 in str, 16 in dex, 13 in cha, and 10 in the rest. Since I’m human, I put the extra 2 points into str. When you have the choice, put your extra points in str and dex.


      1. I was talking about the extra two points from being human (which both go to strength), and the extra points you get to put into attributes (strength, dex, etc) as you level up. You have 5 times when leveling to pick 2 attributes to add points to. Those should be strength and dexterity.


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