Defensive Stats Redux, and ITC is Playing with my emotions…

Okay, so here’s the thing:  ITC was my 1st line get out of jail free/don’t interrupt my rotation, defensive power.  The minute I see red at my feet, I pop that sucker and continue while death rains all around.  That was before 10.5 dropped and it was changed.  The big strength of ITC, was that you could pop it anytime.  In the middle of a Duellist Flurry?  No problem!  Oh, you’ve frozen me? Nope.  Death imminent?  I don’t think so.  And, not only did you not die, but you got a 10% boost to your power, as well!

It basically turned a kick in the nuts into cake.


Well, since 10.5 dropped, ITC can’t be popped anytime anymore.  It works just like any other encounter power, which means that you can’t be doing anything else when you pop it.  If you are in the middle of a Duellist Flurry and try to use it, you won’t be getting the cake.  You’ll be getting the crotch kick.

So, we have two choices at this point.  We either 1) continue to use ITC, and work it into the rotation for the power gain, while trying to use it preemptively or hope we get lucky and the red splat zone happens in between our powers, or we 2) drop it completely, drop Press the Advantage, add another encounter power for additional DPS and alter our defensive stats somewhat.  We’ll also have to dodge a bunch more.

On Defensive Stats:  

So, Janne set me straight on this and I will be changing my build accordingly.  Hit points are definately good, but what I failed to take into consideration, was that we start out with something like 25% deflect chance out of the gate from our stats.  That skews the effectiveness of deflect up.  The defense stat is skewed downwards because most enemies we face have a 15% resistance ignored themselves.  So, here is the graph, kindly provided by Janne, and thank you again!


If this is just to tiny to read, you can find it here:

So, to sum up, when figuring out which defensive stats to beef up on your TR, HP is better than Defense.  But, Deflect is better than HP.  I would say that life steal up to about 20% is most important, then focus on deflect.

Right now, I am going to try dropping ITC and Press the Advantage, swapping out another DPS encounter, beefing up my deflect, and seeing how it goes this week.  If it goes well, I’ll update the build accordingly.  If it goes poorly…


In other news, last night, I opened a glorious resurgence box with a VIP key and got a legendary pack (!!!!).  So, I finally got my Black Ice Warhorse!



3 thoughts on “Defensive Stats Redux, and ITC is Playing with my emotions…

    1. They tried to, and it is better, but it will go on cooldown and not proc if you hit it during a dodge roll, and there is about a one second delay from when you hit it to when it procs. If you get hit in that time, it will similarly bug, going on cooldown without proccing.


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