Dr. Nerflove, or How I learned to stop worrying about ITC

So, I’ve been playing the last several weeks without using ITC since it’s abrupt change.  For what it’s worth, the devs are still scratching their heads, apparently, and trying to figure out what to do.  The patch notes clearly state what they were doing, but they say it was completely unintentional.


So, who knows when or if they will change it back.  We have, as I mentioned before, two options: 1) learn to use it in a more limited fashion in between powers, or 2) scrap it altogether and put another power in it’s place.

Here is what I discovered:

1) I didn’t die nearly as much as I thought I would.  TRs have a great dodge, 75% deflect severity, and, honestly, I found I actually died quite often thinking ITC would protect me.  If you are gonna be one shot killed, usually the damage is so extreme that, even with 75% deflect severity, you’re still gonna take way more damage than you have hit points.



It is still good for knock downs, and control stuff, though, (if you aren’t using any other powers at the time).

2) The bonus power from ITC is nice and can be used to give a pretty good extra buff to your damage, but having another encounter is even better.  We are a DPS class.  Drop ITC and increase your DPS.

3) If you relied on ITC to survive, you’ll have to pay closer attention.  If the game is laggy or you are having graphics problems, (like me…thanks nvidia), when those things happen, it is more devastating than when we had ITC.  Watch for red, and dodge when you need to dodge.


Dodge now.

If you are leveling, or gearing up, you can still use it, if it helps.  But, watch out for relying on it too much, because eventually, when you reach the end game and are trying to squeeze every bit of damage you can out of your TR, you’ll have to drop it.

Here’s positive takeaway:  it sucks, yes, but not nearly as bad as I expected it to.  Give it a shot.  I took Press the Advantage off and gave myself the extra deflect from that tree.  It works just fine.

And, hey, maybe the devs will fix their “unintentional” mistake…


Addendum:  In several situations, ITC is still very helpful.  For example, the new Master level of SVA.  Because of the necessary party make up, if you have good recovery and run ITC, it will be up 80% of the time.  That comes in very very handy when people get targeted with the aoe and don’t run away from the group 😵.  Even with easier dungeons like Lostmauth, ITC can be extremely handy for dealing with all the stuff that can knock you around and interrupt your rotation.  In other words, it isn’t useless, and can be quite useful, but most of the time, I run something else in that slot.


5 thoughts on “Dr. Nerflove, or How I learned to stop worrying about ITC

  1. Oooof this throws me for a loop. If i drop ITC, is there any reason not to drop back alley tactics as well? I can pick up art cut and that grim whatever, instead of choosing 1 , as well as picking up the 5% at will damage from the top tree. Id still have 5 points i could put into say, twisted grin to add more combat damage in grouos of mobs….


    1. Problem is back alley tactics, with a 25% damage buff is still better, imo. Plus, you are still gonna want to slot ITC for MSVA and several other dungeons where is is very handy. I toyed around with dropping press the advantage for the +2.5% deflect, but changed it back. Also, ITC is handy for proccing the new weapon set bonus (+10% damage).


  2. Wait what are u talking about i am on ps4 what itc do in the past and what actually do now is bug or something do you test the 10.5 patch Impossible to Catch: This power now triggers effects that activate on Encounter power use


    1. In the past, ITC could be used at any time, even if you were in the middle of a rotation, say halfway through duelist flurry. Then they changed it to work like any other encounter power, where you had to be in between encounters or at wills to use it. This greatly took away its functionality. Now, they have tried to put it back, only it is buggy.
      There is a one second delay from when you hit the button, and if something hits you in that time, it will go on cooldown and not actually proc at all. Also, if you hit ITC in a dodge roll, it will similarly bug. So, better than the first change, but not quite back to what it was.


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