Enchantments 101

So, this subject has been beaten to death all over the place, but not always explained very well.  So, here is my stab at it:

Part of gearing up your character is deciding on which enchantments to use and upgrading those enchantments.  If you are gearing up, and are looking for, say, life steal, a lot of the time you are going to grab that dark and put it on your companion with bondings.  Let’s say you want to maximize your deflect as well.  So, you put silvery enchantments in all your defense slots on your character.

I used to do this, BTW, and it isn’t a terrible way to go.  But, when you get to the end game, you really should take a look at enchantments that give you 2 (or three) stats.  The total number of stats you get on enchantments with one stat, is 700.  On 2 stat enchantments, 840.  3 stats, 920.  Well, you say, that’s great, but I really need life steal more than deflect, and if I swap out my darks for double stat enchantments, like vicious enchantments (life steal + deflect), I may be getting more stat numbers, but I’m getting 280 less life steal on my bondings per enchantment.  Well, yes, but take a closer look.

We’ll use an example on my character.  I have 2 defense slots on my bonding companion, and 4 defense slots on my character.  If we have 2 rank 12 darks on my companion with rank 12 bondings, I get 300% of those enchantments, or 4200 (1400 * 3) life steal.  On my character, with rank 12 silveries, I get 2800 (700 * 4) deflect.

Now, let’s see what happens if we swap all of them out with rank 12 vicious enchantments (420 deflect + 420 life steal).

For life steal, we get 2520 (840 *3) from my companion with bondings, and an additional 1680 (420 * 4) from the defense slots on my character.  That gives me a total of 4200 life steal which is identical to what I was getting from the darks on my companion with bondings.

For deflect, however, we get a lot more.  The math is identical to what I just did for life steal, so we end up with 4200 deflect as well.  That is 1400 more deflect than we had before, so it’s a definite advantage over the single stat enchantments I was using.

Now, you look at frost goblins like:


Well, it’s actually 3.5% more deflect, but you get the idea.

This principle works for you well with other stats as well.  For example, if you are fortunate enough to be in a guild that gives you an extra 8000 power as a boon, you can probable replace all those radiants you’ve been carrying around for something like  cruel enchantments (power + recovery), and give a significant boost to your recovery.  Or, if your crit is low, go with brutals (power + crit).  Or, even better, go with Black Ice enchantments, which at rank 12 gives 460 power, 230 crit, and 230 recovery.

I hope this helps some of the newer players understand why the double stat enchantments are better than single stat enchantments, and why everyone says so.


5 thoughts on “Enchantments 101

  1. I’ve been following your build guide for awhile now and I love it. My question is regarding the recent ITC nerf. What other power would you recommend to run.


    1. I’ve been running Dazing Strike, smoke bomb, and lashing blade. However, don’t be afraid to reslot ITC. I have been using it extensively in SVA. Also, we may have a good use for it with the new weapon set bonus, but I haven’t got my weapons yet, so I haven’t been able to try it out, yet. I’m so glad you like the build! Thank you for the compliment!


  2. Thank you for the reply. I figured smoke bomb it kinda acts as a defensive power considering the daze effect. I still have ITC slotted I’m only at 2500 item level so it helps me survive when I do some of the harder dungeons. What new weapon set are you regarding?


  3. This is great info for players but keep in mind that the cost/benefit ratio for two or three stat enchantments on your character is pretty bad.

    Most players who aren’t aiming for BiS would be much better off investing that extra AD or RP in anything else like their bondings, companion setup, artifacts and equipment, roughly in that order. Then move on to your companion’s enchants and your own at the end.

    Personally I have 3x Brutals and Vicious on my Demon and Azures/Radiants on my character.


    1. You definately have a point in that you don’t want to spend a ton of resources into upgrading your enchantments until you have upgraded all your other stuff. The one exception being enchantments on your companion once you’ve upgraded your bondings all the way, because you’ll get triple the stats from them.

      However, I’m not sure I agree with the cost/benefit ration being better for single stat enchantments. For one, the cost to upgrade is the same whether it is a single stat or double (or triple) enchantment. Also, you are still getting more stats per level with the multiple stat enchantments, than the singles. And, add to that, often the multiple stat enchantments cost about the same as single stat enchantments on the auction house. This last week, radiants were selling for the same price as vicious and cruel enchantments.
      Thanks for your comment!


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