Build Updates

Updated and incorporated a number of my blogs into the build today!  Check it out!


4 thoughts on “Build Updates

    1. Still sorting through the equipment from when they did the key change. So far, the biggest immediate impact on me, was the Underdark rings no longer proccing on companions. That has led me to swap out my active companion for a sellsword, as I still had enough dusty loyal gear to equip her well. The revamped weapon enchants are buggy for TRs, as they don’t proc at all on some power, and I’m waiting to see how they get tweaked in the coming months before I recommend anyone swap from vorpal. The new weapons are interesting, but I’ve almost got my MSVA weapons upgraded, I just need one more Ild mark…
      I’m working on putting out a Sabo build, which should happen this week. Next comes an in depth testing of Orcus vs lostmauth. Then an update on my build!


  1. Hi Lilia,
    Let me ask, are you dong any tests with the new weapons?
    And what about the mod 11, you make changes in your build?
    What enchants you use on your char?



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