Crit Severity Companions

So, first, let me start of with a Happy New Year!  Second, I want to thank all the kind messages I have received in game and out, and all of the words of encouragement I have gotten since I started this blog.  Y’all are great, and, I think TRs are already on the rise.  Thank you!

Now, an awful lot of people, including me, have been running the Erinyes of Belial that offers a 10% bonus to critical severity.  A lot of people lament the fact that the Cambion Magus hasn’t made a return, and is pretty much unavailable unless you have millions of AD to spend on the auction house.  After all a 10% bonus to crit severity gives us a big bonus to damage, right?


“Cool!  My Cambion Magus turned my main hand into a gun…43 million AD?  Worth it!”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that well.  Let’s look at how the crit severity bonus works.  Sorry, but we gotta delve into math if we want to figure this out.  The equation that shows what we need is:

base damage*(1+(crit severity)+(combat advantage))= damage

Now, for your own calculations, you need to know that your combat advantage bonus is figured this way:

CA Bonus=15% + attribute bonus from charisma + stat bonus + companion bonus

I don’t use CA pets, so my CA bonus sits right at about 24%.

I’m to pick an arbitrary base damage of 1.  It doesn’t matter what this number is because it won’t affect the percentages we are looking at.

This makes out equation look like this:

1*(1+crit severity+.24) = damage

At this point, we want to see what difference in damage having an extra 10% crit severity gives us.  Well, that depends on what your crit severity starts at.  When figuring it out, remember that your vorpal enchantment isn’t reflected in the stat on your character sheet.  If you have at least a perfect vorpal, add 50% to that number.  For most TRs, that ought to bring your Crit Severity to at least 130%, so let’s start there:

1*(1+1.3+.24)= 2.54

If we add 10% crit severity:

2000*(1+1.4+.24) = 2.64

2.64/2.54 = 1.039 or 3.9% increase in damage

Wait what?  Yes, and that assumes a 100% crit rate.  So, at that level of crit severity and higher, you are better off with a siege master than either 10% crit severity companion.

So, at what point does our bonus from crit severity and combat advantage make the 10% bonus from crit severity companions drop below 4% (the damage bonus of the siege master)?

solve for x:


x=1.5 or 150%

This means that the 10% Critical Severity companions only out perform the Siege Master (+4% damage) if your Combat Advantage + Critical Severity are less than 150%.

Here is a graph, provided by Janne Moonmist (thank you!), that shows your diminishing returns.  Note:  this shows the diminishing returns for CA+CS, so keep that in mind.


This assumes a 100% crit rate and combat advantage uptime.  For me, since my Combat Advantage bonus is 24%, it is only advantageous for me to use them if my total Crit Severity is less than 126%.  Since mine is much higher, it makes more sense to go with another companion.


Man, 43 million AD doesn’t get you as far as it used to…



20 thoughts on “Crit Severity Companions

  1. Lilia, what are your thoughts on the following companions? I’ve found the Assassin Drake, along with Smokebomb, and using Heart of the Green Dragon whilst levelling melts mobs into a puddle of goo pretty quick :p (got purple drake and artifact pretty cheap on AH) I also love the Yeti, he’s a fantastic tank, hits faster than Galeb I feel. I had a bear cub, but his profile isn’t visible, and he doesn’t seem to attack at all, I’m wondering if it’s bugged! I’m curious on your thoughts on the active bonuses 🙂

    I was going to invest in buying the SW pack when it’s on sale for the Erinyes, but I’m thinking twice about it now 🙂 Btw thank you for the build!


    1. Hey!
      Let me start off by saying that I am all about choosing the companions that allow me to do the maximum amount of damage. That doesn’t mean if you choose these companions, you are wrong. If you enjoy using them, then use them. The whole point of the game is to have fun!

      That being said, I would not choose the drake. Firstly, his active bonus as a flat stat increase is going to become less and less relevant as you move towards endgame content. You are much better served with a companion that gives you a flat damage increase as an active bonus. Likewise the damage most companions do becomes less and less relevant when compared to your own damage.
      What you want in a summoned companion, ideally, is a decent active bonus (or attack bonus such as that of the con artist), offensive slots for your bonding runestones for the power, at least one ring slot, and a decently fast attack to proc both the bondings and the mount powers.

      The yeti is a great tank! I can definitely see it being useful when you are soloing content that can squash us. It’s tough and gets great agro. The problem comes when you do group content. It will be stealing agro from your tank and will drive your tank crazy! Also, the active bonus on it is bugged. You visually grow larger, but the actual damage bonus does not happen. It basically has no active bonus right now.
      The cub isn’t that great either, I’m afraid. It’s bonus is only up 20% of the time, and even if you have life steal at 20%, with its bonus it’ll bring you up to 45%. That’s nice, but you are only getting its bonus on 45% of your hits 20% of the time. Outside of maybe PVP, it isn’t going to help an awful lot. That doesn’t mean it can’t be useful to you, but there are better options out there.
      Hope I’ve helped, and remember, pick the companions you want to, because you are having fun. Good luck!!


      1. Thank you very much for the info, was really useful, especially on the active bonuses! I think I will try out the Con Artist, I do like to maximise my damage as well and contribute, but I’m very laid back (almost horizontal) and adaptable to different playstyles than my own, we definitely got the same philosophy on enjoying and having fun 🙂 Even though my math sucks, I do leave researching and learning, that’s half the fun for me too!

        Yeah I definitely don’t use my Yeti in dungeons, if there’s a tank 😉 I had a run in Caves of Karrundax with two CW’s, we all summoned our defender companions at the same time unanimously on the boss, really tickled me to see the Yeti and Man-at-Arms tanking XD. I’d definitely prefer a live person though for harder content :p

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  2. I get the Idea behind it. And I totally agree that crit severity has diminishing returns.
    But lets look at it this way.
    Lets say i have 100 base DMG i have with power and companions an 180% dmg increase i have a crit chance of 100% and i have 160% crit severity now i can chose to either add 5% chrit severity or 5% dmg leaving combat advantage out of it If i add 5% dmg i get 100(1+1.85)(1+1.6) = 741 if i add 5%chrit severity i get 100(1+1.8)(1+1.65) = 742
    So to me it it seems as the % DMG also has the same diminishing returns as the crit severity and since the % DMG is normally higher on a high end build you will always be better of with crit severity instead of % DMG.
    I only agree with the combat advantage cause it always has the lowest factor of the 3 to begin with so you’ll get the most out of it for each %. But i dont know about how often combat advantage is active so i cant say if it is worth it.
    or am I calculating something wrong?


    1. Sorry I’m just getting back to you! Real life jumped in the way, last week. Sorry. Yup, you have the damage calculation wrong. Check out Janne’s website for game mechanics. Janne puts all the information there in such depth, that I feel an attempt by me to explain will seriously fall short! Look at the section on how damage is calculated. Sorry again for my tardy response.


      1. From what i can see in her calculations my math is not off. also tested ingame and came to the same result


      2. The problem comes when you compare the two on the disminishing returns that is inherent with each. Because of the way crit severity is applied and combat advantage is added to the total, at BIS levels right now, we are pushing 200% in the crit severity/combat advantage area. That means, even if we are conservative and assume a 170% total, adding 5% to crit severity amounts to only a 1.8% increase in damage.
        But, since the flat damage bonus Starts out (before the 5% is applied) at a much lower percentage when compared to the crit severity+combat advantage percentage, adding 5% to that stat gives you more of a damage boost.

        This should bear out in tests on the preview server with the fixed damage weapons. Swapping out an air elemental with a dancing blade or any of the combat advantage pets as they are calculated the exact same way when attacking from stealth, and comparing the two. But, make sure you hit the dummy first so that the air archon will proc.

        If you don’t have time to do it, I’ll eventually get to it when real life allows!


  3. What is better for dps 5% Critical severity or 5% combat advantage? i have 122%+p.vorpal severity, and 12.9% CA…and how u see the base damaged? its just power? why u put just 2000? thx!


    1. Sorry for the delay! At endgame, with my build, there is virtually no difference in the dps you will get from +5% crit severity or +5% combat advantage. With your stats either one would add less than 2% damage and there are much better options out there. You are almost always better off with companions that offer a flat % to damage bonus over these others.
      Fortunately, we have a brand new amazing resource to explain in more depth, if you’d like to know exactly why. Check out Janne Moonmist’s new site here:

      Hope this helps, and sorry again about the late response!


  4. Ome think i like to point out is this is just calculation and is not actual combat numbers so maybe is better to use cambion magus and airene 20% crit sev all time that use earth archon or wild hunt rider in long term damage cause let be real in fbi you proc wild hunt rider but only proc for 5 sec or 4 sec i dont remember and yes is 10% more damage but you need to dodge or run and you loose all buff when you get back to target or if you not at full health you loose earth archon buff pretty much 50% off the time so is reasonable to just take static damage like


    1. Last time I ran FBI, and looked at it, my WHR had over 4 minutes left on the buff. It procs frequently, and each time, it adds time onto the buff. It procs all the time, and that buff is better than BOTH crit severity companions combined. As for the earth archon, if your life steal is adequate, you shouldn’t be spending much time not at full health. In FBI, especially, you are either at full health, or dead. So, it is up most of the time and at 7% damage increase, it is also as good, or close to as good, as both crit severity companions combined. Those two companions do a combined +17% flat damage. Even if the are only up half the time (they are up significantly more than that imho), they out perform the crit severity companions in “actual combat”.


      1. Thanks for the replay really apreciate so the more crit sev and ca the worst right? For tye dimishing returns that means if i put let say all my points on str and cha and forget about dex since i can get atleast 90% crit chance without spending dex point will be a bad idea adding 10% pet the thing is this men i want to dish fire archon im currently having at summons but i notice that sometimes his to far away and cant get the buff from Dcs and since he do not have that .5 % for each archon and mobs and bosses are not lasting long enogh i will like to replace him with air archon and dish the fire arc and replace him with something else but is really hard lool unless i use con artist or sellsword Help me please


      2. I prefer putting points into dex, even though you can get to 90% without it, because every point you don’t have to put into dex, you can put into strength or recovery which will help your DPS way more than adding, what is essentially, 1% per point in cha to crit severity. You should get one of the debuff companions as your summoned if you haven’t already!


  5. The problem is that there are not so many companions that give you a full +%damage bonus. Once you have them all (Siege Master / Archons) you need to shift to +10% crit severity companions. We all agree that the best active companion would be a Sellsword but since it’s so hard to find a good equipment for it, the only choice is a few archons, Siege and a +10% severity one (like the Erineye).


    1. Well, I agree that the sellsword is hard to gear. But, I’d argue that the con artist, even with it’s one defensive slot, out performs the other non-debuff companions. A 10% damage bonus at 60K power, is like adding over 10K power. Even if you take the power from it’s one defensive slot, it’s still good as a summoned companion. And, I’ve updated my build and have the Erinyes on at the moment. Air, earth, siege, sellsword/con artist, and Erinyes. And, only because it is marginally better than the fire archon. Probably less than 1% better. And, that is only since the Wild Hunt Rider was nerfed, and only until the next mod drops when having the fire archon will give a lot bigger damage boost.


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