Have questions about game mechanics?

Hi All!

Sorry, it has been a while since my last blog post.  Real life has made it difficult to keep on top of things lately.

But I have GREAT news.  Janne Moonmist has put out a new site that can answer all your game mechanic questions.  It’s very detailed and full of great information that will help anyone who wants to have a more clear understanding of how all kinds of things are calculated, with helpful tools as well. Want to know how much your damage increases if you add 4000 power?  Want to know the most efficient way to get that artifact to mythic?  Still have questions about crit severity?  (I’m looking at you prokiller…lol)

It took a lot of work on Janne’s part and is an amazing resource to the whole community, and TRs in particular.  I encourage EVERYONE to check it out.

Janne’s Site


New Sabo Build

Hey Everyone,

My Sabo guildmate decided to put his build out there.  We’ve worked hard on it and hope you all appreciate it!  In his hands, he out DPSes me FREQUENTLY.  Even if you don’t play sabo, it’s worth a look.  You can find it to the right, or click here.