New Sabo Build

Hey Everyone,

My Sabo guildmate decided to put his build out there.  We’ve worked hard on it and hope you all appreciate it!  In his hands, he out DPSes me FREQUENTLY.  Even if you don’t play sabo, it’s worth a look.  You can find it to the right, or click here.





13 thoughts on “New Sabo Build

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been using a build like Lilia’s but it’s always fun to try something new. Just curious on the rotation, why Stealth then ITC then Lurkers? Confusing since I would think with the stealth one would use a damaging or control encounter?


      1. Because in that situation your stealth get refilled two times (thanks to Invisible Infiltrator and One with the Shadow) so it makes sense to stealth your 3 encounters 🙂


  2. fantastic guide i have always used sab for pvp since i did not care for perma. i’am gonna respec today and give this a try. Thanks for your time putting this together. Cola


  3. so after several days running this sab build it seems my dps has gone down a little bit. However i’am still making a ton of mistakes in my rotation. I really like the fast cooldowns. Cola


    1. It’s really different than Exe, so I’d expect it to take some getting used to. I think some content is more advantageous to executioners, as well. Glad you are enjoying it! I’ll pass that on to NOTO!


  4. It take awhile to actually get things right i play sabo sometimes is fun and different but you have to try a week or two to get use to it i think is depends on dungeon or circumstance and take the advantage of what u got on the build at max


  5. Thank you very much for the build! So I’m using NOTO’s when there’s lots of mobs, and Lilia’s when there are fewer but powerful enemies (FBI) and bosses. It works wonder! I love changing playstyle at a bonfire it feels so refreshing


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