Have questions about game mechanics?

Hi All!

Sorry, it has been a while since my last blog post.  Real life has made it difficult to keep on top of things lately.

But I have GREAT news.  Janne Moonmist has put out a new site that can answer all your game mechanic questions.  It’s very detailed and full of great information that will help anyone who wants to have a more clear understanding of how all kinds of things are calculated, with helpful tools as well. Want to know how much your damage increases if you add 4000 power?  Want to know the most efficient way to get that artifact to mythic?  Still have questions about crit severity?  (I’m looking at you prokiller…lol)

It took a lot of work on Janne’s part and is an amazing resource to the whole community, and TRs in particular.  I encourage EVERYONE to check it out.

Janne’s Site


8 thoughts on “Have questions about game mechanics?

  1. Pretty good info but to complicated To apply to character calculating all this stuff and then apply to ingame like this armor have this but i need that and but i loose this if i change to that lol


    1. Hey, that’s a part of min maxing! You certainly don’t have to change anything, but I find this kind of information very useful when trying to see what should help me squeeze more out of my TR. it’s good to know how much your damage will increase by adding x power if you are trying to decide between that and, say, additional crit, or recovery.


  2. Maybe i can lower or take off my action point reinforcement and use regenaration insted and insted or more cheaper if you change your weapon artifact and change from action point to regenaration yeah that would make it right


  3. Other thingi dont understood well is about combat advantage so how much points is worth on CA or how much % my crit chance is about 90% to 98% and base power is 43k and crit severity is around 85% + 10% wild storm potion and sometimes i use cambion magus and my weapon enchantment is trans vorpal


    1. Well with your crit severity at 85%+10%(wild storm)+50% (vorpal), that puts your crit severity at 145%.

      If you have 1200 points in the stat for combat advantage, that adds about 9% to your base of 15%, so 24%. Then you add 1 point for each point you have in charisma over 10. Let’s say 5. So that means your combat advantage is at 29%.

      The way combat advantage and crit severity works, is that if they both proc, which is 95% of the time, the two percentages are added together to calculate damage. That makes your total 174%. This doesn’t include a Cambion or Erinyes. Adding those would bring your total to 194%, but would only increase your damage by about 7%.

      As to your question, at your level, I’d say your crit chance is good, but I wouldn’t overly worry about going out of your way to put resources into crit severity or combat advantage. Getting the stat for ca is easy, but above 1200, you just aren’t getting any bang for your buck. Charisma is the same way. You’re better off putting extra stats into dex and str than cha. Other than that, don’t use any of the ca pets, as they wont be as good as your crit severity pets. And, your crit severity is high enough to where you’re really better off going with something else besides crit severity.

      Hope this helps!


  4. Are you still playing? Your TR guide is easily the best one I have come across since I started playing a month ago. I’m used to the information availability that came with WoW so NWO has been a headache in theorycrafting. I’m just looking to touch base with some TR players that are understanding and knowledgeable as we move into Mod 11b. There’s still a huge stigma that TRs can’t compete at DPS in endgame content. /sigh
    If you’re around still, shoot me an e-mail at da_known@hotmail.com


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